Covid-19 Info

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COVIDSafe Business

We ARE operating and have a required COVIDSafe Plan in place

Personal Details

We do need to collect details of ALL passengers prior to travelling

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Face Coverings

Currently masks are required to be worn by passengers when travelling* *until further notice

Passenger Limits

Currently no restrictions are in place as to how many people can travel

Everyone right to go?

As we all know – It’s been a tough year in 2020 for Victoria! As part of business re-opening all Victorian businesses are required to have a COVIDSafe Plan. In order to keep the booking process of our Bus Hire & Charter services ‘ezi’; We won’t bore you with all the minor details, but in order for us to operate, and for you to be able to travel with us, there is a few things that you need to know about the COVIDSafe requirements.


Passenger Limits

We are permitted to operate under Last Step & CovidSafe Summer restrictions in Victoria – and currently no maximum group capacity limits are in place. The square metre density limit does not apply in vehicles, including buses, however we encourage passengers to practice social distancing wherever possible and consider & plan for future possibilities that the health advice could change if there is any Covid-19 outbreaks within the state.


Personal Details

We are required to collect personal details of ALL and any passengers that travel with us for the sole purposes of contract tracing. We ask that the booking customer collate this information and email this information to us 48 hours prior to departure where we will transfer that data into our secure booking system.
The information we require from each passenger prior to departure is;
First Name – Last Name – Mobile Ph # – Email Address


Masks & Face Coverings

Due to the density of travelling in a bus and the inability to be able to maintain social distancing, by law a face mask must be worn in vehicles at all times by all passengers (unless there is a lawful reason not to wear one). It is also due to this reason that we are not able to currently permit the consumption of Food or Drink on our vehicles until the health advice changes.


Stay Home – Stay Safe

If anyone due to travel is feeling unwell or showing any symptoms, we ask that they simply DO NOT TRAVEL and instead Stay Home, Get Tested for Covid-19, and keep everyone Safe!

“Don’t undo the great work that Victorian’s have done…….. It’s just the right thing to do!” – Dan Andrews 2020

Continuing Commitment

Behind the scenes there is a lot of other implementations that we have made in reduce the spread of coronavirus within our business to keep our staff and valued passengers safe!

Some of these things include;
– All our staff have been trained on the new COVIDSafe practices and proceedures at eziBus Charters
– Each vehicle gets thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in-between passenger groups and where possible is aired out
– Our COVIDSafe Plan will be required to submitted to Transport Safety Victoria for auditing purposes
– There will be ongoing random business spot checks for COVIDSafe Plans conducted by Compliance Officers and other authorised agents
– Our COVIDSafe Plan will be reviewed and updated routinely, including when restrictions or public health advice changes to ensure it is up-to-date with the most recent advice

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